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Monday morning I went to work and had a redwood tree in my yard the was over 100 feet tall and likely over 100 years old. 

Today I have a stump that some strangers have left flowers on.

This week has made me hate this neighborhood.
Started writing again yesterday. This was the first time in a long time I was able to sit down and write wit
hout having to bang my head against the wall

trying to get back into writing. . .

cutCollapse )


Ok, so I'm just sitting here thinking about going home for the 4th and getting a new computer and probably going to vegas in two months. Actually, if we go I'll be coming back right now, damn I'm so affraid of flying, blah. So I'm still perfecting the lj cut thing so here's another go at it.

for alisonCollapse )

Hope it works

a not so long awaited update

OK, so I'm writing something on here for the first time in a long time. I really need to be working on my take home final, but instead I have become interested in figuring out how to use this damn "cut" thing on here. So yeah, here I sit with my grande white chocolate vanilla mocha, avoiding home work as usual. So lets see if this cut thing works.

Lue lisää...Collapse )

If this doesn't work I'm gonna be pissed.

Damn it's been a while

WOW I haven't updated this in forever. . .damn. Nothing really to say, school is stressful, tiring, and over all not the best it's ever been. My musical tastes are ever expanding, onward and upward, much to Sean's chagrin. I've taken to writing really bad fiction. . .some people like it, but it's written for a very specific community, if you will. Ok, I updated, not that anyone will actually read this or anything.

About Time

I found a place to live!!!!!! I am so fucking happy. No tent city for me, I get to live in an apartment. Yippy!!!!!!

so tired

I have not written anything in a while so I thought I would use this time to vent a little. I am tired of being home. Tired of everything at this point. Orientation is on the 17. Lana still does not know if she;s in or not. The best part, I still have no place to live next month. This is all becoming very disheartening, not to mention frustrating. I have furniture and even food to live on, but no where to reside in. I have been to ellensburg three times this past week and still I am left in this dilema. Something needs to happen. Lana needs to get in so we can get a place together (i could afford that), a magical place that I cna afford on my own needs to fall from the sky (hahahahahahahahahaha), or I have ti suck it up and live with someone I don;t know. So tired of al of this.

Right Now

Oh I am so tired. I want to go back home and never return to this horrid place. Blah on all of it. Stupid classes that are so boring, can't do the reading, wanted to rip eyes out!!!!!! One month till graduation!!!! Yippy
Today has been goos until now. Why do people feel the need to blast music that should not be blasted. I mean it's not that I don't like it, but come on, some music is not ment to be played loud. Anyways, I tried dying my hair blonde today. It did not come out that way exactly, but that is more the result of me not wanting to leave the dye in forever. It has ended up interesting and I think it kicks ass. It has light and dark places (looks like high lights of sorts) and the roots are really blonde. I enjoy this interesting shade much more that my previous one of far too dark red. So yes that is all for today. Tomorrow I go to the exciting town of Anacotes so I must go now and do much homework.